The iPhone X is a beautiful device, but the notch is controversial.

Is the area around it extra space? Or wasted space? Apple says that you should design around the notch. [0] We’re a glass-half-full team so we see it as an opportunity.

Teach a Language in 100 Days

44 pixels is enough to begin to teach someone a new language, and today we’re empowering all developers to help teach their users a new language.

We’re proud to share Flowlingo’s “Notch Maximizer”, a free open source library to help your users learn a new language. It’s simple, check out the screenshot below.

Every 10 minutes, or whenever the user taps on it, the area around the notch auto-refreshes with 1 new word and its translation. If they see 10 words a day in Spanish, in 100 days they’ll understand 76.0% of all non-fiction writing, 79.6% of all fiction writing, and an astounding 87.8% of all oral speech. [1]

Help connect the world by breaking down language barriers. It takes less than 5 minutes to add to your app. Better yet, we’ve seen retention increase in apps that have added it by as much as 100%.

Try Flowlingo to get a better idea of how it works.

Coming soon: A 44-pixel ad network, gif support, tiled emojis, mini Flappy Bird, and more.

Team Flowlingo

[0] Human Interface Guidelines: iPhone X

[1] How Many Words Do You Need to Know in Spanish (or any other foreign language)?